Colour Camera Sensor
3 -5cm GSD Orthorectified Colour Image
Soil Map Boundaries (Cultivated fields)
Farm Planning & monitoring
Farm Mapping
GPS Tractor and Harvester Maps
Spray boundaries, rock piles, streams hazards etc.
Variable Rate Irrigation Maps
Biodiversity monitoring and environmental compliance monitoring
10cm Digital Elevation Model(DEM)
Water logging simulations
Model different weather patterns and irrigation rates
Drainage Planning
Appraise big drains vs shallow drains or subsurface drainage before spending the money
Slope modelling for irrigator suitability, irrigation scheme planning and farm mapping work.
Frost Risk Mapping
Google Earth 2D or 3D overlay
3D modelling
Water Storage Volumes and Dam Site modelling
Bulk material quantification - sands, gravels, rock or other volumetric objects
Modelling of farm structures, grain storages, historic buildings, machinery etc

DroneAg capability intro into farm surveys

Aerial Photogrammetry - Digital Orthomosaic Photos / Maps
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Digital Elevation and Terrain Models
Stacks Image 254

Contour Line Generation
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3D Model Gradient / Slope Calculations
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